10-1000kva Silent Type Diesel Generator Set

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The advantages of our silent type generator set

10-1000kva Silent Type Diesel Generator Set-101
10-1000kva Silent Type Diesel Generator Set-102
10-1000kva Silent Type Diesel Generator Set-105
10-1000kva Silent Type Diesel Generator Set-106
10-1000kva Silent Type Diesel Generator Set-26
10-1000kva Silent Type Diesel Generator Set-108
10-1000kva Silent Type Diesel Generator Set-109

1、 The compact ultra-small size design greatly reduces the storage space of equipment and the cost of transportation and customs clearance. One 40HQ container can load 40 sets 10-20kva generator sets.

2、The gensets adopt top fuel tank which is galvanized treatment both inside and outside. The design of top tank is in line with the gravity principle, we can ensure the oil pipe always have oil as long as there is oil in the tank. So we can start the gensets immediately at any time without venting the air out manually, especially suitable for ATS units. The internal galvanized design can prevent tank oil leakage phenomenon, make sure never oil leak.


3、The circuit of the controller system adopts the design of integrated connector. When the control system fails, just remove the original control panel, then replace the new control panel and connect the integrated connector. There is no need to check the line of the control system one by one before replacing the plug.


4、Concealed air switch output is adopted for strong current output; The direct output of the air switch can avoid the welding problem from the terminal post and the connecting cable caused by excessive current. Hidden type strong power box can avoid the occurrence of leakage accidents after connecting the cable, close and lock the door, so as to achieve safe use of electricity. 


5、External AVR design instead of drilling into the unit to open the back box of alternator for replacement, just open the door to replace AVR.

6、It is very easy to maintain the parts of engine cylinder head and add oil by the design of top maintenance window. So we no need to go into the generator set to do the engine maintenance, or remove the entire canopy.

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  • MODEL EP-13S EP-16S EP-20S EP-24S EP-30S EP-36S EP-50S EP-68S EP-80S EP-120S EP-200S EP-250S EP-300S
    Prime Power(KVA)50Hz 16.25 20 25 30 37.5 45 62.5 85 100 150 250 312.5 375
    Prime Power(KVA)60Hz 19.5 24 30 36 45 54 75 102 120 180 300 375 450
    Stand-by Power(KVA)50Hz 17.88 22 27.5 33 41.25 49.5 68.75 93.5 110 165 275 343.75 412.5
    Stand-by Power(KVA)60Hz 21.45 26.4 33 39.6 49.5 59.4 82.5 112.2 132 198 330 412.5 495
    Power Factor/COS
    Size 1750x750x800mm 2000X850X850 2240x850x980 2500x1000x1030 2850X1100X1200 2965x1100x1350 3400x1300x1580 3600x1300x1850
    Weight 480kg 540kg 580kg 730kg 815kg 900kg 1040kg 1215kg 1480kg 1720kg 2280kg 2735kg 2865kg
    Tank Capacity 50L 50L 50L 50L 50L 70L 140L 140L 140L 140L 140L 140L 140L
    Alternator Brand Stamford,Marathon,Meccatle,Leroy-somer,Chinese stanford,Your like etc.
    Control Panel Brand Deep sea,ComAp,Smargen etc.
    Running Time(p/tank) 8 @ full load 6 @ full load 4 @ full load
    Structure Type SOUNDPROOF
    Noise Level(@7m) 72
    ISO9001 Certified YES
    CE Certified YES
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