Moveable lighting tower diesel generator set

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Maximum extention of mast m 4.5 7.2 9
Elevation   Electrical Manually Electrical
Stages 3
Turning angle Degree 340 180 340
Working pressure Psi(Max) 28 N/A 35
Vertical Head load kg(Max) 40 60 80
total power of lamps w 4x400 4x400/4x1000 4x1000
Type of lamp        
Light capacity Lumen/lamp 36000 36000-85000 85000
Frequency Hz 50/60
Lifetime of lamp Hours 5000
Working temperature 85
Connection protection index   IP54
Light coverage Acres 5to7


Lighting Tower Dielse Generator Set is a trailer, lift mast, power supply, lighting equipment, a blend of a system, the trailer can be separate can use the vehicle body being pulled, also can use existing and all kinds of modified van equipped with lifting mast and lighting and other equipment reasonable installation on the trailer, and become a complete set of portable lighting system. Mobile lighthouses can be easily transported to places where traffic can be opened and large lighting is needed temporarily. It is very convenient to use.

Light Tower-34
Moveable lighting tower diesel generator set-15
Moveable lighting tower diesel generator set-16

EP-LT lighting tower series is a compact portable lighting tower with 4x400W or 4*1000W metal halide floodlights and a removable soundproof diesel generator 5KW/10kw. Ideal for small and medium sized working areas, EP-LT lighting tower is extremely easy to be handled by a single operator.

Operate easily: With separate smart button to control on/off of the two lamps and convenient to adjust the height of the mast manually;the lamp consists of two main parts: the lamp holder (including the lamp panel and mast) and the generator stand (including generator, electric case and generator base). It is convenient to assemble, disassemble and transport. Operate easily and with excellent applicability.

Light Tower-22

Separated Packaging: Each part of the lighting tower is quite well packaged to prevent any possible damage.
Service Environment:
Adopt multiple shockproof structure design, excellent anti-shock performance and could use reliably in the high frequency shock environment;
Adopt environmental light alloy material and high-tech spraying technology, waterproof, dustproof, antirust and suitable to work at outdoor environment for long time;
Perfect electromagnetic compatibility and could not cause interference to the transmission network;
The whole lighting adopts imported high quality metal material, high quality and reliable and work well in the harsh environment.

Custom-tailor service: In order to meet the unique requirement of different clients, we could like to configure the different lamp type, power, lamp quantity, mast height and generator according to our customers own request.

Scope of application: large area, high brightness lighting, special towing and walking device can be quickly deployed, providing night disaster relief, emergency, construction site lighting and emergency power

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