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The generator set of trailer type can be divided into hand-propelled vehicle-mounted generator set, tricycle generator set, four-wheel generator set, automobile power station, trailer power station, mobile low-noise power station, mobile container power station, electric engineering vehicle, etc.

Moveable/trailer Type Diesel Generator Set-22
Moveable/trailer Type Diesel Generator Set-33

Traction: adopt movable hook, 180° turntable, flexible steering, ensure the safety in driving.
Braking: There is an air brake interface and a hand-operated braking system to ensure the safety during driving.


1. Significant low noise performance, generator noise limit 75dB(A)(1m away from the unit).
2. The overall design of the unit is compact in structure, small in volume, novel and beautiful in shape.
3. Multi-layer shield impedance mismatch sound insulation cover.
4. Efficient noise reduction type multi-channel intake and exhaust, intake and exhaust air channels, to ensure adequate power performance of the unit.
5. Large impedance composite silencer.
6. Large capacity fuel oil burner.
7. Special quick opening cover plate for easy maintenance.


"Do not operate" or similar warning signs should be hung from the start switch or lever prior to maintenance or repair of the generator set. 
Do not allow unauthorized personnel near the engine while the generator set is being maintained or repaired. 
Press the emergency stop button on the control panel of the generator set, and the generator output switch should be in the OFF (OFF) position.
According to the requirements of working conditions, when entering the installation site of the generator set, the safety helmet should be worn, and protective eyes and other protective equipment should be worn when necessary.
Wear ear protection if running the engine in a sealed place to prevent damage to hearing.Don't wear oversize protective clothing and jewelry at work, which can be attached to the joystick or other engine parts.
Make sure all shields or hoods are in place on the engine.Be careful when using all cleaning agents.Do not store maintenance solutions in glass containers, as glass containers are prone to damage.

Start the battery:

When one of the following situations occurs, the charging time is allowed to be extended appropriately :
(1) the battery storage time is more than 3 months, and the charging time can be 8 hours; (2) the ambient temperature lasts over 30 ° c (86°F) or the relative humidity lasts over 80%, and the charging time is 8 hours.
(3) If the battery storage time is more than 1 year, the charging time can be 12 hours.
(4) At the end of the charging line, check whether the liquid level of the electrolyte is sufficient, and add the standard electrolyte with the correct specific gravity (1:1.28) when necessary.
When charging the battery, first open the filter cap or vent cap of the battery, and check the electrolyte level, and adjust with distilled water when necessary.In addition, in order to prevent long-term closure of the battery cell pollution gas can not be discharged in time and to avoid condensation of water droplets on the inside of the cell top wall, attention should be paid to open the special air vent to facilitate the proper circulation of air.

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Moveable/trailer Type Diesel Generator Set-22

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  • Moveable/trailer Type Diesel Generator
    Power Range 10KVA-500KVA
    Voltage 220/380V,230/400V,110/220V,240/415V, 254/440V, 277/480V
    Engine with Cummins, Perkins,Doosan, Wandi,Kubota,Yanmar, Isuzu, etc.
    Alternator Leroy somer,Stamford,Marathon, etc.
    Controller Deepsea,Comap,Smartgen, etc.
    Circuit Breaker ABB/SCHNEIDER,etc.
    Type Open/Silent
    Fuel Tank Top tank,Base Tank,External Daily Fuel Tank
    Optional supporting products Moveable/Trailer Type Diesel Generator /Synchronization System   Automatic Transfer Switch /Dummy Load  Day Tank


    Generator Supply Scope
    1. Engine: Brand-new engine.
    2. Alternator: Brand new brushless alternator, single bearing, IP23, H insulation class.
    3. Base Frame: Heavy duty steel channel base frame.
    4. Radiator: With safety guard.
    5. Vibration Damper Vibration damper between Engine/Alternator and base frame
    6. Breaker: 3-pole output manual circuit breaker as standard,  4 poles for option
    7. Controller: Deepsea models, Comap or Smartgen,etc.
    8. Silencer: Heavy duty industrial type silencer with flexible bellow,elbow.
    9. Battery: Varta Brand,high capacity sealed maintenance free battery c/w battery cables.
    10. Fuel Tank: 8 hours base fuel tank or customized
    11. Tool Kits & Manuals: Standard tool kits and complete operation/maintenance/manuals for Generator/Engine/Alternator/control panel, etc.
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